When it comes to space utilisation our Very Narrow Aisle racking systems take cubic and floor space to new levels of efficiency. The aisles are designed to suit specialist very narrow aisle trucks that are guided within the structure using a floor mounted guidance system.


Specialist Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) forktrucks or cranes are used with this system, but they can lift higher, work faster within the aisle and operate with greater precision, accuracy and efficiency than standard trucks.

The VNA trucks have two standard means of guidance – either by floor-mounted rails or by wire embedded into the slab, which the truck picks up on.

If wire is used, it can improve access to the pallet at the floor location.

The risk of rack damage due to collision is reduced, as are maintenance costs – and pallets can only be reached by the VNA equipment, which helps to protect the security of your stock.

Variable heights and depths of shelving and height-adjustable supporting beams ensure you have maximum flexibility.


Offers the best configuration for maximum storage density and efficiency.

Save money by stacking pallets close and high – and utilise your space much more effectively.

Improved security and safety.

Maintenance and damage costs are minimised.

Easy 100% access to all pallets, at whatever level they’re stored.

VNA forktrucks can help manage your stock rotation. The initial cost of the equipment is usually offset against the longer-term space and efficiency savings that the system produces.

Good for when you have pallets of a uniform size and in warehouses with a high roof and a flat floor.

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