A mezzanine floor allows you to exploit all of your unused cubic space – not just your floor space. A simple, flexible solution that can hugely increase your retail, manufacturing or storage space, mezzanine floors really make the most out of any building.


Put simply, a mezzanine floor is a free-standing platform that can be positioned in any warehouse, with bespoke columns and beams fabricated to lengths that suit your current layout.

Installed with a minimum of disruption to your day-to-day operations, they are a great way to increase your working area – and productivity – without the major expense and headache of relocation.

Also known as a raised storage platform, mezzanine floors have a wide variety of applications across all sectors of industry.

All of JST’s bespoke mezzanine flooring is manufactured and installed in compliance with current British standards and codes of practice.

Our years of experience, competitive prices and short lead times guarantee you a cost-effective solution that could revolutionise your business.


You can add extra production areas, create access to machinery and plant, gain more storage space or install office accommodation.

In taller buildings, typically 5.5m or higher, multi-tier mezzanine flooring can also be added, giving you even more flexibility.

Installing a mezzanine floor ensures you get a better return on your investment by creating a second floor to work from.

Importantly, they are exempt from local council rates, allowing you to boost your floor space with minimal additional overheads.

Adaptable and extendable once installed, mezzanine floors can be altered as your business grows over time, future-proofing your premises and allowing you to easily expand.


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