Cantilever racks are designed for the safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads – ideal for timber or metal storage. Our cantilever rack systems are an effective and efficient alternative to conventional lighter weight storage solutions.


Cantilever racks are designed to suit a particular storage problem, using well established design criteria to provide bespoke racking solutions. This practice enables us to provide both large industrial storage systems and smaller orders on a cost effective basis. Our cantilever rack systems are finished in a range of standard colours or frequently galvanised for use in outdoor storage applications.

Cantilever racking solutions have carried in excess of 30 tonnes per upright. The robust design of steel cantilever racks delivers reliable storage solutions for heavy applications and arduous environments.

The flexibility of bolted adjustable cantilever arms, our most popular design, makes warehouse racking simpler as a variety of different sized products can be stored safely and securely.


A robust design enabling storage of heavy materials in tough internal and external environments
Each cantilever rack is designed and manufactured to match your individual requirements, taking into account the exact storage space available, handling facilities, the type of product stored, etc

Easy access – stock is always immediately available for picking

No front uprights to interfere with the placement or retrieval of loads

Cantilevered arms with loading capacities from 500 kgs to 15 tons per arm dependent on your exact requirements


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